Who we are

In 1996, Anthony and Géraldine de Cicco decided to settle in the famous rue Auguste Comte, in the antique dealers’ district of Lyons. For a year, the young pair lived on their enthusiasm, thanks to small fairs, but July 1997 saw their first shop. Very quickly (6 months later), Anthony and Géraldine left the " small shop " to get closer to their antique-dealing colleagues in larger premises.
From then on, Anthony de Cicco was finally able to indulge his taste for 18th-century furniture and beautiful old decoration. Clients were charmed, success was not long in coming, and this teamwork lasted 10 years. In 2008, the de Cicco couple also turned to the refined world of 19th-century gilt bronzes, preferably of the First Empire. However, Anthony de Cicco also feels at home with beautiful bronze objects of the 18th century. At the same time, Anthony and Géraldine took on an assistant: Hubert, who completes the group with his personality.
In 2009, Anthony became a Rhône-Alpes regional representative of FNEPSA (National Federation of Expert Professionals Specialized in Art) and he was named an expert some months later following presentation of his thesis on 17th to 19th- century gilt bronze before a jury,.
Today, the de Cicco Gallery offers a wide choice of objects (candlesticks, candelabras, chandeliers, firedogs, wall lamps) in gilt bronze of the First or Second Empires. Also to be found are Directory and Empire mahogany furniture, Sèvres porcelain vases, garden statues in bronze, marble or stone…
An international clientele (Russia, Dubai, London, Saudi-Arabia-, Egypt, Lebanon, Switzerland, China (Hong-Kong)) has developed around the world of gilt bronze ornaments and ornamentations: mantelpiece ornaments, clocks, and chandeliers.
The de Cicco Gallery can give on-site consultation at the client’s request.

De Cicco Antiquités 12 rue Auguste Comte Lyon 2e, France
Tel: 0033 (0)6 08 75 41 17
e-mail: info@decicco-antiquites.com